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劉祥永,基督徒,原名海勇, 時事評論員、環球新聞中心總編輯、環球新聞中心媒體戰略研究室研究員,影視導演,優秀藝術家;

Xiangyong Liu, Christian, formerly known as Hai Yong, commentator on current affairs, editor-in-chief of Global News Center, researcher of Media Strategy Research Office of Global News Center, film director, outstanding artist.

環球新聞中心 創辦人 總編輯

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Global News Center

環球新聞中心媒體戰略研究室 研究員

Researcher, Media Strategy Lab, Global News Center


Delegate of the 6th member congress of Guangdong Literature and Art Federation of China


Delegate of the 6th General Assembly of Guangdong Filmmakers Association of China


Member of China Guangdong Filmmaker Association


Member of China Guangdong Musicians Association



I. Events



In May 2018, he participated in the Israeli International Strategy Conference in Herzliya. Israeli President Ruben Rivlin and the Israeli Minister of Defense attended the meeting and reported to the General Assembly.



In September 2016, he visited the State of Israel for cultural media exchanges and was received by relevant leaders of the Israeli culture department.


Global News Center was established in 2012


Won the 2006 Outstanding Musician Award of Guangdong Province, China



II. Representative works:


1. In 2012, he shot "Chen Liufang’s Justice of the Peace narrative film" and "Master of Dance Yao Xiumei" in Hong Kong.



2. In 2012, films such as "Music Talent-Tang Xiaokang", "ADJ Music", "Malaysia Confidence abstain from Gambling" were filmed in Malaysia.



3. Shooting a large historical documentary "Eternity" in 2009



4. Shooting documentary films in 2007

"A Testimony of Hundred Years of Gratitude": Liao Zhongkai's niece Huang Xuefen, followed the truth with faith, and lived out a testimony of faith for more than 100 years.



5. Shooting character art films in 2003

"Liu Sifen-Talking about Life": Chairman of Guangdong Literary Federation, writer, painter, winner of contradictory literature prize.




Interviews with filmmakers and people in the literary and art circles:

International: Chen Liufang, Tang Xiaokang,

Domestic: Liu Sifen, Lin Yong, Zheng Qiufeng, Cai Songqi


🔘 國際活動:

International Conference



2018 Israel Herzliya International Strategy Conference



世界局勢,變幻莫測,中東局勢更是隨時風起雲湧,誰能看透這一切?誰能把握到先機呢?在以色列國進行70週年慶典之際,由以色列作為中東風險評估的領先智庫,IDC Herzliya政策與戰略研究所(IPS)主辦的2018年荷茲利亞會議於2018年5月8日至10日在IDC荷茲利亞校區召開了,以色列總統魯文(Ruvi)里夫林出席了本次會議,並且向大會做了報告

The world situation is unpredictable, and the situation in the Middle East is turbulent at any time. Who can see all this? Who can seize the opportunity? On the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebration of the State of Israel, the 2018 Herzliya Conference hosted by Israel as the leading think tank for risk assessment in the Middle East, hosted by IDC Herzliya Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) IDC's Herzliya campus was held. Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin attended the meeting and reported to the conference.




2016年9-10月份,劉祥永先生受邀參加以色列國首屆國際電視格式大會,英文名:TLV Formats Conferenc2016,受到以色列國文化部門負責影視專業的Vered Heller主任的接見,對以色列與華人影視行業的近況做了初步的交流,與期望兩國影視文化能更深入的合作及交流

In September-October 2016, Mr. Liu Xiangyong was invited to participate in the first international television format conference in the State of Israel. The English name: TLV Formats Conferenc2016, was received by the director of the State Department of Culture Vered Heller, who is in charge of film and television specialty. Recent developments in Israel and the Chinese film and television industry Made preliminary exchanges, and expected deeper cooperation and exchanges between the two countries' film and television cultures.

2016年9-10月份,劉祥永先生受邀參加以色列國首屆國際電視格式大會,英文名:TLV Formats Conferenc2016,來自全球各地近400名媒體界專家參加了會議,會議期間學習了由以色列、歐美及全球各大媒體著作人的經驗分享,劉祥永導演會見了以色列前十名的影視製作企業負責人,對以色列及中國影視創作近況的詳細分析以及對未來合作的展望;會後,參加TLV組委會組織的特拉維夫文化之旅!

In September -October 2016, Mr. Liu Xiangyong was invited to participate in the first international television format conference in the State of Israel. The English name: TLV Formats Conferenc2016. Nearly 400 media experts from around the world participated in the meeting. During the meeting, students from Israel, Europe, America and the world learned The experiences of major media authors were shared. Director Liu Xiangyong met with the top ten Israeli film and television production companies, detailed analysis of Israeli and Chinese film and television creations, and prospects for future cooperation. After the meeting, he participated in the TLV Organizing Committee Tel Aviv Cultural Tour!



short story


I still remember when I was in the fourth grade of primary school, when our family lived by the sea, and there was a small church not far from the sea. One evening, I walked on the beach by the sea, and the sunset shone on the beach with my face. The sea is shining with golden light, very beautiful! At this moment, it seems as if God asked me, "Child, what will you do when you grow up?" I answered in my own heart, I want to be a musician, watching God create such beautiful nature, I want to be an artist! Since then, my dream of becoming a musician has set sail. After growing up, after many years of flying, I finally became an artist, and won the outstanding artist award, is it proud? No, but more humble, because in the process of literary and artistic creation, each step of creation is a new beginning, and it has to be re-started.


In the course of many years of creation, I found that the Holy Spirit of God has been guiding me, giving me ideas, giving me wisdom, and giving me courage. Although I encountered many challenges and frustrations, although it was painful, uncomfortable, and struggling, but after After all of this, I just see it as God's additional grace. The greater the weakness, the greater the manifestation of God's work! So following truth and longing for wisdom is a very important thing in my life!



Upholding Biblical Truth and Communicating the Mission of Belief

世界道德在慾望與混亂中迷失了方向、很多地方已經信仰崩潰、價值錯亂,社會被愚昧與黑暗勢力所綑綁,世界秩序非常令人擔憂! 文藝復興也是建立社會的信仰價值體系, 劉祥永國際文化館持守聖經原則,旨在引導大家建立信德價值、遠離迷惑,讓我們的內心能夠安靜下來,了解人生的意義與聖經的真理,把真理價值落實在我們的日常生活裡,使我們有喜樂、有平安、有力量!活得美好!

World morality has lost its way in desire and chaos. In many places, beliefs have collapsed and values ​​have been chaotic. Society is bound by ignorance and darkness. The world order is very worrying! The Renaissance is also a system of building belief values ​​in society. Mr. Liu Xiangyong International Cultural Center adheres to the principles of the Bible. It aims to guide everyone to establish the value of faith, keep away from confusion, let our hearts be quiet, understand the meaning of life and the truth of the Bible, and implement the value of truth Let us have joy, peace, and strength in our daily lives! Live a good life!


I. Cultivate those who pursue the truth, and can truly gain wisdom from the truth


II. If a person does not have faith, he will have chaotic values ​​and gradually become a wasteful person without goals and ideas. We must change such people!


III. After we have faith, we still need to implement the culture of faith in our daily life and turn it into a new culture that makes us, and then we will be truly affected by the faith of truth!


IV. Pass on the vision and mission of the Bible, Faith, and bless everyone!

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